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A First-of-its-kind Business Intelligence Platform for Search

Keyword Objects™ is a business intelligence platform for search designed to transform the way enterprise brands access and analyze search data, provide actionable insights and discover new opportunities to increase revenue.

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You can't expect better results, if you execute search like every other company.

Enterprise brands are constantly challenged with decentralized search efforts, multiple stakeholders, little or no global visibility, tens of thousands of pages of content, varying keyword priorities… all vying to maximize every opportunity and every dollar.

  • See the full picture Balancing data accessibility and visibility is essential to maximize intelligence and insights. Align global search strategies with marketing stakeholders – from analyst to executive – each with their own initiatives and budgets, by providing transparency, innovative visualizations, and on-demand reporting.
  • Access search intelligence in one platform Integrate all your search data sources from PPC bid management to SEO ranking and links with web analytics, CRM, call centers and more in one intuitive, predictive platform to better understand customer intent, allocate spend more efficiently, and make quicker decisions to improve results.
  • Know your customer Anticipate conversion goals, manipulate and segment your search data, discover SEO and PPC synergies, and better understand your customers’ intent while converting it to actionable intelligence.
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    A first-of-its-kind search intelligence platform built to aggregate, organize and analyze keyword data for what it really is: a rich source of unparalleled customer intelligence.

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